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Voting & Elections 02.19.2021

Florida Voters Need to Pay Attention to Partisan Proposals to Change Our Elections System

Our elected officials are supposed to represent ‘the people’ – not partisan or special interests.  Gov. DeSantis’ proposals to make it harder to vote are completely contrary to the interests of ‘the people’ of Florida. They are completely contrary to his glowing assessment of our November election. They are clearly in service of partisan interests -- and we’ve already seen where that can lead.  

Money & Influence 02.11.2021

Organizations Renew call on Florida House and Senate Leaders to Increase Transparency, Public Access to Legislative Proceedings

Last week, more than 30 grassroots organizations told legislative leaders they “are deeply concerned about government transparency and public oversight” and outlined specific requests. To date, despite followup phone calls, the organizations have not received any substantive response to their letter, and the policies the organizations object to remain unchanged. 

Organizations call on Florida House and Senate Leaders to Increase Transparency, Public Access to Legislative Proceedings

More than 30 Florida grassroots organizations today released a letter to state legislative leaders, urging them to “ensure that the remaining committee weeks and 2021 legislative session have structures and systems in place to ensure accountability and an open, accessible, and transparent process that allows for meaningful input from the public.”

Common Cause Florida calls for immediate resignation of Sen. Rick Scott and Twelve Members of Congress

In the wake of Wednesday’s insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, Common Cause Florida is calling for the immediate resignation of Sen. Rick Scott and 12 members of Congress after they voted to overturn the will of the people.

Voting & Elections 10.27.2020

Voters can still Vote At Home before the 2020 Election

Eligible voters who want to vote by mail can still do so if they pick-up and drop off their mail-in ballots.

Voting & Elections 10.13.2020

Common Cause Florida Opposes Ballot Initiatives 1 & 4

Common Cause Florida today announced its opposition to ballot initiatives numbers 1 and 4 and characterized the amendments as an attack on democracy and suffrage.

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