July, 2015 Board Meeting Announced

July, 2015 Board Meeting Announced

The Common Cause Florida Advisory Board will meet via conference call from 4 to 5:30 PM, EDT, on Friday, July 24, 2015.

Peter Butzin (L) and Brad Ashwell (R) Meet with Bay County

Supervisor of Elections on July 9th to Discuss Preparations for the 2016 Election

Common Cause Florida

Preliminary Advisory Board Agenda

4 to 5:30 PM (EDT), July 24, 2015


The meeting is open to the public. Anyone who is interested in joining the conference call is asked to contact Peter Butzin, Chair, at 850-524-9946 or sending an email to pbutzin@gmail.com. 

Board Members: Brad Ashwell, Peter Butzin, Walter Dartland, Mark Ferrulo, Richard Grosso, Liza McClenaghan, Richard Nathan, Pat Schroeder, Dan Smith, Carol Weissert & Ben Wilcox.

Approval of the Agenda 

Secretary’s Report (Richard Grosso)

Treasurer’s Report (Brad Ashwell)

 Update regarding Funding (Peter Butzin)

 Redistricting Update (Peter Butzin)

Update Regarding State Voices and Voter Issues (Liza McClenaghan)

Action Item:  Consideration of Paul South as a new board member. Call for additional nominations. (Peter Butzin)

Action Item: Discussion and approval of 2016 Legislative Priorities (Ben Wilcox)

Other Business