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Voting & Elections 08.30.2022

How We Stepped Up Election Protection Efforts During the Primary Election

Common Cause Florida joined nonpartisan Election Protection partners around the state to field calls and aid voters during the 2022 primary.

Voting & Elections 04.21.2015

Report from Tallahassee for Week Ending April 17, 2015

With only two weeks left in the regular legislative session, the House and Senate are poised to pass online voter registration (OVR). An elections bill that would have required secondary addressing for registered voters has been amended to our satisfaction. An ethics bill that strengthens prohibitions against conflicts-of-interest has been amended to our dissatisfaction, casting a shadow over its eventual passage.

Voting & Elections 02.16.2015

Report from Tallahassee for the week of February 16, 2015

Florida Capitol Report for February 16, 2015, including news on bills relating to on line voter registration, restoration of voting rights, utility regulation, nuclear cost recovery and campaign finance.

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