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Voting & Elections 03.29.2022

Voting Rights Groups Urge Florida Gov. DeSantis to Veto Latest Anti-Voter Legislation

Common Cause Florida and other voting rights groups today urged Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to veto Senate Bill 524, which would have widespread consequences on elections in the state.

Anti-Gerrymandering Groups File Impasse Litigation to Ensure Fair Florida Congressional Map

Common Cause Florida, Fair Districts Now, and a diverse group of individual plaintiffs from across the state filed a federal lawsuit today in the Northern District of Florida arguing that the court must step in to ensure that voters, candidates, and elections officials have a fair and representative congressional map in ample time for the 2022 elections.

Voting & Elections 02.23.2022

Senate Appropriations Committee to consider “Anti-Voter Freedom Act”

Our ‘government by the people’ is stronger and more representative when more people vote. SB 524 flies in the face of that ideal. The Appropriations Committee should stop this steamroller in its tracks and defeat this bill.  

Voting & Elections 02.1.2022

Florida Senate to Consider Another Package of Election Changes

The substitute dropped yesterday would make changes to what seems like every facet of election law, at the same time elections supervisors are trying to implement all the changes made last year. In addition, the supervisors need to prepare for tasks from redistricting and reprecincting.

VIDEO LINKS AND QUOTES from Today’s Media Briefing: History of Redistricting in Florida and What’s at Stake in 2021

Earlier today, a panel of national and Florida redistricting experts briefed the media on the history and state of play in the current redistricting cycle. The panel discussed past legislative action and litigation to end partisan and racial gerrymandering in the state. They also described how to implement an accountable and transparent process that results in fair district maps.

Voting & Elections 05.6.2021

LDF Files Lawsuit Against the State of Florida Over Suppressive Voting Law

“Every voter in America has the right to have their voice heard, by casting and having their ballot counted — that’s how our government ‘by the people’ is supposed to work. Florida voters should have the freedom to cast their ballots in the same ways they have voted in past election cycles.”

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