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Nonpartisan Groups Head to Court to Challenge DeSantis’ Unfair Voting Map

“We are taking the DeSantis Administration and state lawmakers to court for denying Black voters in North Florida their freedom to choose their representative in Congress," said Amy Keith, program director of Common Cause Florida.


TODAY at 11am: Florida Lawmakers to Hold Hearing on Bill That Hurts Public Discourse

Today, Florida lawmakers will hold a hearing on SB 1220, legislation that aims to take away the public’s right to speak freely.

Voting & Elections 04.4.2023

TODAY at 2pm: Florida Republicans to Fast Track Bill to Raise Barriers for Voters

“After years of Florida being the gold standard in well-run elections, this bill would make it harder for elections officials to administer a safe and secure election for all.”

Voting & Elections 11.5.2022

Voting Rights Groups Express Concern over Challenges to Florida Voters

Nonpartisan voting rights groups in Florida’s Election Protection Coalition are concerned about voter challenges prompted by the state in at least 12 counties to the voting eligibility of over 1,900 Floridians on the eve of a major election.

Federal Court Allows Common Cause Florida, FairDistrict NOW and Florida NAACP to Challenge the DeSantis Congressional Map Based on Intentional Racial Discrimination

A federal court ruled voting rights advocates could add intentional racial discrimination claims to their lawsuit challenging Florida’s Congressional redistricting plan.

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