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Federal Court Declines to Halt Unfair Voting Map

Yesterday, a federal court in Florida ruled that Gov. Ron DeSantis’ congressional map that intentionally silences Black voters can remain in place for the 2024 election.

Voting & Elections 01.25.2024

Civil Rights Leaders Hold Joint Press Conference at the State Capitol to Address Legislative Attacks on Floridians

“Yesterday, we reminded legislators that Black voters in Florida have a right to have their voices heard and their votes counted,” said Amy Keith Executive Director, Common Cause Florida.

Florida Court Shirks Responsibility to Halt Unfair Voting Map

“This decision blatantly ignores the will of Florida voters who—more than a decade ago—demanded Fair Districts that protect representation for communities of color."

Voting & Elections 11.30.2023

Amy Keith Named Executive Director of Common Cause Florida

"Amy’s two decades of coalition building experience will serve the people of Florida well in her new role,” said Common Cause interim co-president Marilyn Carpinteyro.

50 State Report: Florida Earns “F” for 2020 Redistricting from Common Cause

“It’s no surprise that Florida received an F for its 2020 redistricting process when some voting districts were approved without a single public hearing,” said Amy Keith, Common Cause Florida program director.


Nonpartisan Groups Head to Court to Challenge DeSantis’ Unfair Voting Map

“We are taking the DeSantis Administration and state lawmakers to court for denying Black voters in North Florida their freedom to choose their representative in Congress," said Amy Keith, program director of Common Cause Florida.

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