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Daily dispatches of news and commentary from the frontlines of the pro-democracy movement. The views expressed on Democracy Wire are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Common Cause.

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Voting & Elections 07.12.2018

VIDEO: Stop Sinclair Broadcasting! More than 700,000 Americans Demand the FCC Act

Americans understand why the First Amendment contains both our free speech and a free press as fundamental to our democracy. We must have information we can rely on to make informed decisions and cast informed ballots to determine the future for our family and community.

Voting & Elections 07.10.2018

Election Cybersecurity Congressional Briefing: Facebook Live Recording

It was almost two years ago that we first became aware of attacks on our election system by Russia. As we approach 2018, Americans understandably want to know about cybersecurity, what is being done to strengthen the integrity of our elections. Today, a congressional briefing with leading experts makes these complex issues accessible and understandable. A link to a Facebook Live recording is available for you to watch and share with others.

WSJ’s Seib Partially Diagnoses What Ails Democracy

In his recent Wall Street Journal column, Gerry Seib gives only a partial diagnosis for what ails our democracy and points toward a partial remedy. He's right about one thing though, the dis-ease many Americans feel is dangerous to the future of self-governance, so we best get this right.

Money & Influence 07.5.2018

What Part of “Liberty and Justice for ALL” Don’t People Understand?

Slate's Jamelle Bouie lays it out plain as day, we live under minority rule engineered by changing the rules of our elections through vote suppression and gerrymandering targeting certain populations. It's long past time we talk about it.

The Rev. Dr. William Barber: We Can Do Something, We Don’t Have To Take This

Democracy Wire welcomes guest author Hedrick Smith, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and documentarian whose newest documentary, The People v. The Politicians will air on MSNBC this summer. Democracy Wire will feature Smith's writing and videos leading up to the air dates. Today, Smith talks with the Rev. Dr. William Barber of North Carolina, who reminds us of the morality at the heart of our democracy, our fundamental belief in human dignity that each of us has an equal say in the future for our families, communities, and nation.

Voting & Elections 06.22.2018

‘Crosscheck’ System Shuttered After Wrongly Tagging Legal Voters

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach's voter database has generated thousands of "false positive" duplicate registrations. Some states want to use to system to remove voters from their registration rolls.

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