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Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


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Media & Democracy 09.5.2018

“Fake” News Isn’t Only Issue Facing Media and Our Democracy

So-called "fake" news isn't the only issue people should be concerned about with respect to the media. Even real news has an "infotainment" quality that lends itself to a herd mentality and the corporate mergers that consolidate decision-making in distant corporate HQ that care more about profit and dividends than covering city hall or the school board.

Media & Democracy 07.13.2018

Under Assault: Media Mergers Leave Voters and Consumers Out

Americans rely on a free, diverse, and independent media for the information they need to make informed decisions at election time. But every week brings more bad news for those of us who worry that our communications ecosystem is being pushed to the point of collapse. It’s not that we ever had a perfect communications world—far from it—but what we had at least provided a foundation upon which the diverse voices of democracy could contend and build.

Media & Democracy 07.12.2018

VIDEO: Stop Sinclair Broadcasting! More than 700,000 Americans Demand the FCC Act

Americans understand why the First Amendment contains both our free speech and a free press as fundamental to our democracy. We must have information we can rely on to make informed decisions and cast informed ballots to determine the future for our family and community.

Media & Democracy 07.9.2018

Stop Sinclair, Save Local News

Jon Sinton is a media entrepreneur working in radio, television, and online industries. He serves on the advisory board for Common Cause Georgia. Photo Credit: Lorraine Mirabella/The Baltimore Sun

Media & Democracy 04.30.2018

T-Mobile/Sprint Merger Would Reduce Competition, Increase Cost to Cellular Customers

The proposed merger should be "dead on arrival" at the FCC, says former Commissioner Michael Copps.

Media & Democracy 03.29.2017

Big Telecom and Big Cable Score Another Big Win

Ever notice that when you go shopping online, ads for whatever you were shopping for show up in your Facebook and Twitter feeds and on other web pages you visit? Action in Congress on Tuesday dramatically increased the likelihood that you’ll soon be seeing even more such ads.

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