“You Should Live Where You Legislate:” Common Cause Delaware Applauds Passage of Residency Requirement

Common Cause Delaware commends the General Assembly for the passage of a constitutional amendment that requires elected officials to remain residents of the districts they were elected to serve for the duration of their term in office. 
“Residency is part of your qualification for office. Put simply, you should live where you legislate,” said Claire Snyder-Hall, executive director of Common Cause Delaware. “This amendment helps to hold lawmakers accountable to their neighbors.” 
The amendment does allow an exception, however, for sitting legislators whose districts are redrawn after the decennial census. They will be allowed to move in order to remain within the new district lines, if they want to run for reelection. 
“It is reasonable for incumbents to be allowed to move in order to run for reelection in their newly configured districts,” says Snyder-Hall.
This amendment has now passed by two-thirds majorities in both the House and Senate in consecutive General Assemblies, a requirement to amend the constitution, and it became effective immediately.