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Will you support Common Cause Delaware's work this Giving Tuesday?

Our democracy is facing challenges on multiple fronts. With the 2022 election season on the horizon, some partisan politicians will be doing everything they can to protect their power through voter suppression and election sabotage — but with your help, we won’t let them get away with it.

With your continued support, we’ll keep fighting for a democracy that works for all of us here in Delaware. And that’s because change doesn’t just take place on Election Day — democracy starts with people like you and me taking an active role in our communities and working on the issues that affect us and our families.

And on this Giving Tuesday, the biggest impact you can make — as a voter, an activist, or a citizen — is on the state and local level. Will you chip in and fuel our efforts to ensure that our democracy works for all of us?

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About Common Cause Delaware

Common Cause Delaware is in our fifth decade of citizen action on behalf of open, honest, and accountable government that empowers everyone to make their voices heard and make democracy work. We’re working to create a vibrant, grassroots movement in which every participant has an equal voice. Join us in speaking up and strengthening our democracy.

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