Watchdog: Corporations Have No Place in Delaware Elections

Common Cause Delaware strongly opposes HB 121, a bill introduced by state Rep. Daniel Short that would allow artificial entities like corporations, LLCs, and trusts to participate in Seaford’s municipal elections.

“LLCs are not voters. They are artificial entities and much of the time, we don’t even know who owns them. LLCs, corporations, and trusts should never be allowed to vote in our elections — full stop,” said Claire Snyder-Hall, executive director of Common Cause Delaware. “This bill would give wealthy special interests and outsiders the opportunity to dominate our political processes. And it would dilute the votes of Seaford residents, who are actually real-life flesh and blood people.” 

In a state with more registered businesses than people, this is not the first time corporate owners have attempted to interfere with elections. In 2019, after a Newark property manager in control of 31 LLCs, which own 31 parcels of land in the city, voted 31 times during a $28 million capital referendum, the Newark city council passed a resolution to stop artificial entities from voting in local elections.  

In 2018, Rehoboth Beach residents rose up to stop a proposal to allow LLCs to vote.

Common Cause Delaware encourages Seaford residents and other concerned Delawareans to contact their representatives right away and urge them to vote NO on HB 121. 

Claire Snyder-Hall is available for interviews on this issue at