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Delaware General Assembly Sends Early Voting Bill To Governor Carney


n the wake of revelations that the Russian government was targeting U.S. voting systems in the last election, Congress has finally acted. Delaware is about to receive a check from the federal government for $3 million to upgrade its voting systems.

Common Cause Delaware Urges Greater Transparency and Accountability in Civil Forfeiture Program

Common Cause Delaware (CCDE) is urging the State Prosecutor to provide reporters and the public with access to critical information about a program which allows police to seize money or property linked to alleged criminal activity.

Money & Influence 07.16.2015

Delaware Disclosure Law Upheld by Federal Appeals Court

“This morning, transparency and accountability in our elections won the day. After Citizens United unleashed the floodgates to unlimited special interest campaign spending, Delaware adopted one of the strongest disclosure laws in the country to assure that voters would – at the very least – know where all of the money in politics is coming from. Transparency and disclosure of campaign cash helps Delaware citizens hold our elected officials accountable and make informed choices at the ballot box.”


Unfinished political reform business

Opinion piece by E. Norman Veasey.

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