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Money & Influence 07.15.2021

Common Cause Delaware and 25 Other Grassroots Organizations Thank Senators Carper and Coons for Cosponsoring the ‘For the People Act’ and Request Meetings with Them

The For the People Act would create national standards for voting access, get big money out of politics, enforce ethics standards for all three branches of government, and require congressional districts to be drawn by a non-partisan commission so that no one party has an advantage.

Voting & Elections 05.18.2021

Improvement to Voter Registration System Passed, Sent to Governor

Common Cause Delaware applauds the passage of the Automatic Voter Registration bill (SB 5) by the General Assembly. Our government ‘by the people’ is stronger when more people participate, and with AVR in place, we move closer to the goal of 100%  voter registration.

Voting & Elections 04.7.2021

Delaware Voting Rights Coalition Launches with Support from General Assembly and Statewide Partnerships

At a virtual press conference that was streamed to social media, community organizations from across the state came together to publicly launch the Delaware Voting Rights Coalition (DVRC), Delaware’s first statewide coalition focused strictly on expanding access to voting.

Voting & Elections 03.30.2021

Delaware Senate Approves Improvement to Voter Registration System

The Delaware Senate has just approved SB 5, a bill that will create an automatic voter registration system at the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles, and potentially other state agencies. We urge Delaware's House of Representatives to do the same.

Voting & Elections 03.26.2021

Delaware Senate to Consider Improvement to Voter Registration System

Our government ‘by the people’ is stronger when more people participate. Common Cause Delaware urges the Senate to pass legislation to create an automatic voter registration system. 

Common Cause Delaware Supports Constitutional Amendment on Redistricting

Common Cause Delaware supports the constitutional amendment, but urges a slight change to the amendment language to ensure it “does not preclude the option of future redistricting reform.” Around the country, states are creating independent redistricting commissions to ensure that district lines are drawn in ways that respect communities rather than benefit incumbent politicians or political parties.

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