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Voting & Elections 02.29.2016

John Oliver on Photo ID for Voting

I think John Oliver is right when he says that “Voting is a right. If you take that away, you ruin democracy.” And that is what we’re doing if we deny eligible voters the right to cast a ballot for lack of photo ID.

Money & Influence 02.22.2016

"When Money Talks"

We are pleased to announce that author and former Common Causer Derek Cressman is coming to Denver on a national tour for his new book, “When Money Talks – The High Price of “Free” Speech and the Selling of Democracy.” Join us for our monthly happy hour on Thursday, March 3rd to learn more about the push to reform how money influences our elections. Derek has spent 20 years in this movement, including his time at Common Cause as the principle architect of our campaign calling for a constitutional amendment to reverse Citizens United.

Voting & Elections 02.17.2016

A Student Goes to the Capitol

An undergraduate student shares her first experiences with the state legislative process.

Voting & Elections 01.26.2016

Caucuses, Primaries, Conventions, Oh My!

Are you clueless about caucuses? Perplexed by the primaries? Or are you a pro, with experience as a precinct committee person or state convention delegate? Whatever your political IQ, make sure to join us at our next informational happy hour on February 4th for a lively nonpartisan discussion of the primary and caucus systems. We will give an overview of how they work in Colorado, discuss the merits and flaws of both systems, and review the importance of Iowa and New Hampshire (including how this can be problematic). Bring an inquisitive mind and your questions!

Voting & Elections 01.13.2016

Lobbying for Democracy in 2016

Yep, we’re up there at the State Capitol too, alongside lobbyists for every industry and interest you can think of. When the legislative session kicks off, our legislators will tackle many issues, including some that directly impact Coloradans’ ability to participate in democracy. Here are a few issues that may come up:

From Colorado to Bangladesh

The four months fellowship under Community Solutions Program (CSP) sponsored by US Department of State and my host organization Colorado Common Cause (CCC) has given me the opportunity to do some research on governance and its derivatives for developing community to ensure their rights and wellbeing. Colorado Common Cause works on government accountability through citizens’ participation in public decision-making to hold governments accountable. CCC believes instead of thinking of government as an "other," it should reflect the wishes of citizens. Just as we're all accountable to friends, family and colleagues, government must be accountable to citizens.

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