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Money & Influence 11.7.2018

Colorado Voters Protect Contribution Limits

Coloradans will not be able to donate significantly more money to some candidates running for state office.

Money & Influence 09.27.2018

Citizen Powered Elections on the Denver Ballot

Passing this initiative would be a big win for Denver – and an achievement for Colorado Common Cause, who helped draft the original ballot initiative language in 2016

Money & Influence 04.26.2018

Fighting Citizens United: What Can Be Done?

We recently helped defeat calls for Colorado to sign onto a dangerous Article V Convention. Now that we've cleared this hurdle, the question remains: how *can* we fix our broken campaign finance system?

Resisting ALEC in Colorado

We've been busy preparing for the American Legislative Exchange Council's meeting in Denver this July. Join us as we resist ALEC in Colorado.

Voting & Elections 02.2.2017

Kicking off the 2017 Session

While the country ushers in a new presidential administration, the Colorado General Assembly has returned for its 71st legislative session. Learn about our policy priorities this year at the Capitol.

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