Gov. Abbott Uses Emergency Powers to Spend $4 million on Election Reviews

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Today, Gov. Greg Abbott and GOP legislative leaders used “emergency” powers to shift $4 million of state funding to the secretary of state’s office to pay for county election audits.

Statement by Common Cause Texas Associate Director Stephanie Gómez

How much taxpayer money is it going to take, to convince former President Trump that he lost the 2020 election?
Wisconsin taxpayers are spending almost $700,000. Arizona taxpayers are on the hook for millions. Now, using emergency powers, Governor Abbott has got Texas taxpayers on the hook for $4 million more.
We’re heading into winter again. Maybe some of that money could be used for the electricity grid? Or made available for health care? Or our school system?
But no, Governor Abbott has his priorities. And they don’t have anything to do with Texas.
Texans deserve better than to be used as props in Abbott’s game of political theatre.