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Voting & Elections 05.31.2023

STATEMENT: Texas’ New Interim Attorney General Has Troubling History as Election Denier

Prior to his appointment as Texas Secretary of State – John Scott briefly represented Donald Trump's legal effort to challenge the election results in Pennsylvania

Texas AG Ken Paxton’s Misconduct Warrants Impeachment Hearings

Common Cause Texas, a nonpartisan good government and pro-democracy group, is calling for impeachment hearings to begin.

Money & Influence 11.19.2021

Gov. Abbott Uses Emergency Powers to Spend $4 million on Election Reviews

How much taxpayer money is it going to take, to convince former President Trump that he lost the 2020 election? Wisconsin taxpayers are spending almost $700,000. Arizona taxpayers are on the hook for millions. Now, using emergency powers, Governor Abbott has got Texas taxpayers on the hook for $4 million more.

Voting & Elections 07.8.2021

Texas special legislative session: Subverting democracy to advance voter suppression

A special session of the Texas legislature began today and right away Republicans in leadership are showing a blatant disregard for the democratic process.  Omnibus voter suppression bills have been filed in both chambers. HB 3 and SB 1 are both highly complex 40+ page bills that were only posted within the last 24 hours.   Committee hearings in both chambers have been set for Saturday, at 8am in the House and at 11am in the Senate. If the bills are heard in order of posting in the House, it is highly likely both election bills will be being heard at exactly the same time, making it difficult to impossible for Texans to testify on both. 

Voting & Elections 04.12.2021

Common Cause Texas launches letter campaign to make sure Speaker Phelan sees viral poll watcher video

Last week, Common Cause Texas released this deeply alarming video in which we hear the presenter call for volunteer poll watchers who will have the "courage" to go from the predominantly Anglo Harris County suburbs to the Black and Brown communities in the urban core.  The video has now been viewed over 100k times on Twitter, and has been the focus of national news stories on NBC, CNN, the Washington Post and many others.  With SB 7 voted out of the state senate, and HB 6 voted out the house elections committee, both are a path to soon be eligible to be brought up for debate on the floor of the state house.  Today, Common Cause Texas launched a pressure campaign aiming to make sure Speaker Phelan sees this video and rejects the dangerous expansion of poll watcher powers by keeping the proposed bills from being brought to the floor.

Voting & Elections 03.12.2021

Newly Introduced SB7: Blatant Attack on Texans’ Voting Rights

Last month, Governor Abbott designated “election integrity” an emergency item, allowing the legislature to prioritize bills within that topic. After weeks of vague reports of an omnibus bill being in the works - Senate Bill 7 was introduced late last night.

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