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We're Protecting The Right To Vote

Texans deserve a democracy that values and holds sacred the freedom to vote. Generations of brave Americans have died protecting this, our most fundamental right. At Common Cause Texas, we’re committed to defending voting rights, making the ballot box accessible for all eligible voters, and safeguarding our voting systems to guarantee accurate and fair elections.

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Voting Systems & Election Security

We deserve to be confident that our election results are accurate and protected from sophisticated cyberattacks. We're committed to protecting our voting systems.

Election Protection

Help us ensure no eligible Texan is prevented from voting in this vital election due to confusion, suppression, or intimidation

Online Voter Registration

Texans deserve a modern registration process that encourages voter participation. Take action by advocating for online voter registration as part of modern secure elections.

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Online Voter Registration

It is long that Texas join the vast majority of states that allow citizens to register to vote online.

Fair Maps Texas

Texas voters should pick our elected officials, not the other way around.

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