Online Voter Registration: The Administrative Advantage

New Report from Common Cause Texas Finds Online Voter Registration is Accurate, Affordable and Nonpartisan

Most states – 39, plus the District of Columbia – now offer citizens the opportunity to register to vote online. From the state’s perspective, providing this opportunity makes good sense: it keeps voter rolls more accurate and up-to-date, it’s cheaper than the outdated paper-based method, it’s easier for elections officials to administer, and it can be done securely, thereby boosting confidence in our elections systems. There is widespread consensus that online voter registration (OVR) remains a nonpartisan reform without benefit to any single political party or shifts in election outcomes. An analysis of the election outcomes of states with OVR indicates that any apprehension of a state turning Democratic to Republican or vise-versa is ill-founded. In fact, the advantage is truly given to administrators of elections, eligible voters, and the state’s budget. Overall, OVR eases administration of voter registration, substantially saves the state and the county money, and accurately and securely verifies voter eligibility.