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Common Cause Rhode Island Legislative Scorecard

For more than two decades, Common Cause Rhode Island has produced a legislative scorecard. We produce this as a service to our supporters so they can see how legislators voted on issues of concern to Common Cause Rhode Island.


ACLU and Common Cause Raise Concerns About Suspension of Open Government Laws

Voting & Elections 08.29.2019

Pilot Implementation Study of Risk-Limiting Audit Methods in the State of Rhode Island


This report tells that story. It details how, through a collaborative effort, Rhode Island successfully conducted three pilot RLAs. It provides a general overview of RLAs, including the advantages and disadvantages of each method. The report describes the history of election administration in Rhode Island, which has led to the environment in which elections are conducted in the state today. It also lays out the essential components of the audits – their design, software tools, and presentation – and provides the results of the audits.

Voting & Elections 03.7.2017

‘We (still) have to fix that’


In 2013 Common Cause Rhode Island issued a report on problems with the administration of the 2012 election titled, “We have to fix that.” After sending dozens of volunteers around Rhode Island in 2016 we are back with an update; “We (still) have to fix that.”

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