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State Governing Board

David Pellegrino, President
Cathy Saunders, Vice President
Jill DeCoursey, Treasurer
Jed Thorp, Secretary

Tony Adams, Katharine Amaral, Eric Anderson, Jessica David, Nicole Dyszlewski, Kevin Flynn, Brian Heller, Christina Morra, Adam Myers, Taino Palermo, Jamie Rhodes, Luis Vargas Rivera, Janié Seguí Rodgriguez, and Barbara Sokoloff

State Advisory Board

Susan Belles, David A. Brown, Joseph L. Dowling, Fred J. Franklin, Patricia Fuller, Sheila Hughes, Kenneth Newman, Nancy Rhodes, Bruce Ruttenberg, Richard Silverman, Charles Sturtevant, Rob Walker, Richard Worrell

John Gardner Fellows

Alan Flink, Alan Hassenfeld, Natalie C. Joslin, James C. Miller, John Sapinsley (1922-2012), Lila Sapinsley (1922-2014), Henry D. Sharpe, Jr. (1923-2022), and H. Philip West, Jr.



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