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Common Cause Rhode Island Celebrates Legacy of Founder Natalie C. Joslin

“We’re heartbroken by this loss, but we will memorialize Natalie’s legacy through our continued commitment to achieving the democracy we all deserve.”

Voting & Elections 09.14.2020

Flatten the Mail Ballot Curve

If you choose to vote by mail, it’s important that you return your application early. When you get your ballot, return that early too. We call that “flattening the mail ballot curve.” 

Don’t Rush the Rules!

After every election, the Rhode Island House and Senate set their rules. Those rules determine everything from when a bill can be introduced, to how a legislator can cast their vote. Over the course of decades in the House of Representatives, those rules have been used to consolidate power in the hands of the Speaker.


41st Common Cause Annual Meeting--The Future of Reform in Rhode Island

Announcement of annual meeting at Common Cause Rhode Island


Farewell to John Sapinsley, Common Cause Rhode Island co-founder

John Sapinsley farewell from Common Cause Rhode Island


Win a lunch with your favorite scholars of Rhode Island Politics

A raffle for lunch at Common Cause Rhode Island

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