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Upcoming events from Common Cause Rhode Island

Demystifying Democracy: Demystifying Democracy: How a Bill (Really) Becomes a Law in Rhode Island

Have you ever wondered how to testify at the General Assembly? What does the committee process typically look like? And what does it mean when a bill you care about is held for further study?

On March 4, join Common Cause Rhode Island and the Latino Policy Institute for the inside scoop on the lawmaking process in Rhode Island.

Learn from experienced advocates and state leaders about how the process has changed in recent years, what to look for when tracking legislation, and how to meaningfully promote the issues you care about.


Recent events from Common Cause RI

2022 Champions of Democracy Celebration & Annual Meeting

Our 2022 Annual Meeting and Champions of Democracy Celebration was our biggest event of the year, and our first in-person event in two years.

We recognized with our Emerging Leader Award, Miranda Oakley, disability and voting rights champion, and with our Excellence in Public Service Award, ARISE, The Center for Justice and Providence Student Union for their lawsuit seeking a right to a civics education for all Rhode Island students.

Demystifying Democracy: Misinformation and Disinformation in Rhode Island Elections

Why do conspiracy theories about our elections spread so easily online? How do we combat false election information? Common Cause Rhode Island hosted a webinar exploring the problem with online misinformation in our elections in Rhode Island. Emma Steiner, Disinformation Analyst for Common Cause explained the difference between misinformation and disinformation- how and why disinformation has become so prevalent- and what you can do to help stop it. WATCH

What’s the Future of Online Public Meetings?

When the pandemic began in 2020 our government moved online. Since then we have seen the good and the bad of online public meetings. Common Cause hosted a discussion about what the future holds for online public meetings in Rhode Island. We heard from advocates and practitioners about the pros and cons of government by Zoom. WATCH

Demystifying Democracy: I’m Just a Bill (Held for Further Study)

Common Cause hosted a Zoom webinar featuring a live panel discussion of advocates, legislators, and journalists explaining the lawmaking process in Rhode Island. The event leaned into how the process has changed in 2022 with new rules and pandemic-era changes. WATCH

Redistricting Community Activist Training

Common Cause Rhode Island hosted a series of community mapping workshops. The trainings taught the public about the basics of redistricting as well as how you can draw maps of your community using free software.  Trainings also included instruction on how you can testify before state and local redistricting commissions. WATCH

The State of Voting Rights in Rhode Island

Common Cause and our partners in the Rhode Island Voting Access Coalition, hosted a webinar on The State of Voting Rights in Rhode Island. It was an opportunity for us to bring you up-to-date on where things stand and for the public to ask questions about the status of our fight to provide voters with greater access to the ballot. WATCH

Demystifying Democracy: “What’s on the ballot? Learn about the 7 questions for the March election

Demystifying Democracy is an educational series hosted by Common Cause RI. This installment featured representatives for each bond question for Rhode Island’s special election in March. Panelists explained why they were supporting or opposing the bond. We were also joined by RI Treasurer Magaziner who explained bonds. WATCH

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