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Recent events from Common Cause RI

Redistricting Community Activist Training

Common Cause Rhode Island host s community mapping workshop. The training taught the public about the basics of redistricting as well as how you can draw maps of your community using free software. This training also included instruction on how you can testify before state and local redistricting commissions. WATCH

The State of Voting Rights in Rhode Island

Common Cause and our partners in the Rhode Island Voting Access Coalition, hosted a webinar on The State of Voting Rights in Rhode Island. It was an opportunity for us to bring you up-to-date on where things stand and for the public to ask questions about the status of our fight to provide voters with greater access to the ballot. WATCH

Demystifying Democracy: “What’s on the ballot? Learn about the 7 questions for the March election

Demystifying Democracy is an educational series hosted by Common Cause RI. This installment featured representatives for each bond question for Rhode Island’s special election in March. Panelists explained why they were supporting or opposing the bond. We were also joined by RI Treasurer Magaziner who explained bonds. WATCH

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