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Media & Democracy 02.1.2024

How much is that public records request? McKee orders RIDOT to refund news outlets

John Marion says RIDOT’s decision to charge media outlets is “not a great precedent.”


J.R. Vinagro paid RIRRC $37.3 million during ex-landfill boss’s tenure, then hired him as CEO

East Providence slogs through traffic, faces prospect of no quick fix for Washington Bridge

John Marion's comment on the traffic that swallowed East Providence in wake of the Washington Bridge closure.

Voting & Elections 01.20.2024

Should Rhode Islanders be able to vote on the same day they register? What both sides say

"For too long, Rhode Island has made it too difficult for too many of our residents to vote."

Voting & Elections 01.19.2024

Proponents rally for same-day voter registration

Advocates, lawmakers, and state leaders participated in a rally in support of same day voter registration.

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