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Money & Influence 03.4.2024

The customs, quirks and unspoken rules that really decide how bills become law in RI

John Marion, executive director of Common Cause Rhode Island, spoke with the Providence Journal about how a bill becomes law in Rhode Island

Voting & Elections 02.19.2024

A first for upcoming R.I. presidential preference primary: 17-year-old voters

A new state law approved in June 2023 lets 17-year-olds vote in primaries as long as they will be 18 by the time of the general election.

Access to public records was a problem in the bridge shutdown. Will that help reforms pass?

Could interest in what happened to the Washington Bridge be a catalyst for changes to state open-records law that make it easier for the public to find out what state and local governments are doing?

Advocates, lawmakers outline changes to strengthen, clarify Rhode Island’s open records law

"Washington Bridge crisis might be the best thing to happen to public records reform in the state."

Voting & Elections 02.8.2024

Lawmakers say it’s time to overhaul R.I. public records law

The Boston Globe covers the Let RI Vote Coalition's Same Day Voter Registration.

Should magistrates oversee contested divorce cases? Why Common Cause RI is objecting.

“If Family Court magistrates are allowed to conduct trials, they should be chosen in the same manner that Family Court judges are selected – through the Merit Selection process."

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