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Ethics 01.10.2019

Mattiello will release revised bills at least 24 hours before a vote

House Democrats loyal to Speaker Nicholas Mattiello on Thursday approved a revised set of rules to govern the chamber over the next two years, including a provision requiring that amended bills are published at least 24 hours before a vote.

Ethics 01.10.2019

Performative Irony: House Committee on Rules makes a “small step” towards reform

Speaking to me on the floor of the Rhode Island House of Representatives ahead of the House Committee on Rules vote on 5037A, the chair of the committee, Representative Arthur Corvese (Democrat, District 55, North Providence), told me that “I’m comfortable with [the changes to the bill].” He added, “Small steps.”

Ethics 01.9.2019

1/8: Common Cause RI’s John Marion talks reform caucus and House rules on State of Mind

Executive Director of Common Cause Rhode Island, John Marion, joined Dan to discuss the reform caucus and proposed changes to the House rules.

Ethics 01.8.2019

At packed hearing, Mattiello urged to loosen RI House rules

Lawmakers and members of the public packed the usually sleepy House Rules Committee on Tuesday in a last-ditch effort to convince Speaker Nicholas Mattiello and his allies to open up the legislative process.

Ethics 01.8.2019

Critics Call For Change To RI Legislative Rules; Leadership-Backed Plan Moving Ahead

A group of citizens and ‘Reform Democrats’ urged the House Rules Committee Tuesday night to make broader changes to the rules governing the Rhode Island House of Representatives for the next two years. But the House Rules Committee could approve rules as soon as Thursday that don’t address most of the differences sought by critics.

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