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Money & Influence 12.10.2018

Chronic Criticism of CRMC Board as Calls for Reform Intensify

Since its founding, Rhode Island’s Coastal Resources Management Council has been criticized by both environmentalists and developers. The state agency has several charges, but much of the animosity stems from how the agency issues permits for coastal development.

Rep.-elect apologizes for faking campaign invoice

A newly elected state representative is apologizing after he acknowledges he misled members of the local Democratic town committee about a mailer, as the committee calls on him not to take his seat in the General Assembly.

Voting & Elections 11.28.2018

RI voter turnout rose this year, but not to record level

Rhode Island voters cast ballots in fairly strong numbers for this month's election, official figures show, though the state did not set a turnout record the way some states did.

Voting & Elections 11.28.2018

Gorbea repeats her call for early voting in Rhode Island

The demand for mail ballots in the recent election shows the need to allow for early voting, Rhode Island’s secretary of state said Wednesday.

Ethics 11.13.2018

Watchdog Says Proposal Meant To Curb Statehouse-Related Harassment In RI Needs More Work

proposal by state Representative Chris Blazjewski meant to curb Statehouse-related discrimination and sexual harassment is the first serious effort of its kind, but it needs more work to be effective, according to a legislative watchdog.


At Bryant, R.I.’s credit-union crisis viewed through 2018 lens

For the late Gov. Bruce Sundlun, the credit crisis of the early 1990s was a calamity as bad as the worst hurricanes and blizzards to hit Rhode Island — and it was manmade.

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