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Voting & Elections 02.26.2020

Four years ago, officials opened just one-third of available voting locations. Confusion reigned.

PROVIDENCE — The last time Rhode Island held a presidential primary, just one-third of polling places opened, resulting in confusion that led some voters to simply give up.

Voting & Elections 04.17.2019

Election officials back constitutional challenge to paperless voting

The court battle over South Carolina election security is heating up. A group of citizens and its allies are warning that paperless voting machines aren’t safe from foreign interference.

Voting & Elections 03.22.2019

R.I. officials see voting crises on horizon

The 2020 calendar puts Rhode Island’s September primary so close to the general election the state might violate a federal deadline to get ballots to troops serving overseas. And, surging demand to vote before Election Day is swamping the state Board of Elections and city halls in cumbersome “emergency mail ballots.”

Voting & Elections 02.16.2019

Dueling bills call for early voting in Rhode Island

Rhode Island lawmakers this year will likely be confronted with two competing proposals to make it easier to vote before Election Day, as state elections officials warn of possible calamity if laws are not changed before 2020.

Voting & Elections 01.30.2019

Why States Should Be Watching Rhode Island’s Election Audit Pilots

Rhode Island is on pace to become the second state to use risk-limiting election audits, beginning with the presidential primary in 2020, having conducted three trial runs earlier this month. These audits—essentially a check to ensure votes are being counted correctly—limit the risk a wrong election result is certified, and Colorado performed the first in November 2017.

Voting & Elections 11.28.2018

Gorbea repeats her call for early voting in Rhode Island

The demand for mail ballots in the recent election shows the need to allow for early voting, Rhode Island’s secretary of state said Wednesday.

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