We are building a democracy that works for all of us.

A democracy where everyone has an equal voice and our elected officials are held accountable to our needs.

Americans know that money has too much influence in our political system. That’s why we advocate for money in politics solutions that empower small-dollar donors to make an impact in campaigns, require disclosure of all campaign money raised and spent, remove the financial barriers stopping everyday people from running for office, and hold elected officials and wealthy special interests accountable to voters.

Even with the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. FEC, states and cities across the country are proving that we can reform and improve our campaign finance system with laws that amplify the voices of everyday Americans, require strong disclosure, and make sure everyone plays by the same commonsense rules.

For nearly 50 years, Common Cause has been at the forefront of the movement to rein in the power of big money in politics. From the days of Watergate to our current state and local campaigns, our work to reform the system has always been about making sure there is accountability in our politics and everyone has a voice and say in government.

Campaign Finance Campaigns

Citizen Funded Elections

We are amplifying the voices of everyday voters by matching small donor contributions with public funds or giving voters vouchers to fund campaigns.

Disclosure & Transparency

We are ensuring that everyone knows who is spending money in our elections and where it is coming from.

Enforcing The Rules

We are ensuring everyone plays by the same rules, advocating for effective enforcement agencies and filing complaints against those who break the rules.

Citizens United & Amending The Constitution

We support the effort to amend the U.S. Constitution and overturn Citizens United.

Limits on the Influence of Money in Politics

We advocate for commonsense rules to limit the influence of big money in politics.

Next Campaign

Corporate Accountability