In a 21st century democracy, everyone needs access to a free and open internet.

The free flow of information and the exchange of ideas online are essential to any democracy.

The internet serves more than the businesses that profit from it. It serves the people who rely on it for news and information and who use it to organize, create, and communicate.

To protect every person’s voice, the internet must be accessible to all. To ensure that every voice can be heard, we can’t let the internet be controlled or dominated by powerful individuals, groups, or organizations who can drown out the rest of our voices. That’s why we must restore the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) net neutrality rules and their guarantee of a free and open internet for everyone.

In 2015, we won an important battle when over 4 million citizen comments pushed the FCC to pass Title II net neutrality rules, which established strong safeguards for open, free expression on the internet.

These rules have now been repealed under Trump-appointed FCC Chair Ajit Pai, but the battle is far from over. Common Cause has been actively engaged in the ongoing fight to restore the free and open internet on the state and national levels.

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