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Voting & Elections 12.5.2013

Common Cause Hails New York's Adoption of National Popular Vote Plan

Action this week in New York has brought Americans an important step closer to ensuring that the presidential candidate who receives the most votes in November takes the oath of office in January, Common Cause said today.

Money & Influence 12.5.2013

On Tax Day, IRS Chief Delivers Some Good News

The Internal Revenue Service can do the nation a service on this Tax Day by moving ahead with a re-write of proposed rules regulating the political activity of non-profit social welfare organizations, Common Cause said today.

Money & Influence 12.5.2013

Again, U.S. Supreme Court Decides Against Democracy

The Roberts Court today continued its drive to give Americans a government of, by and for big money.

Money & Influence 12.5.2013

Group Tied to President Obama Opened White House Doors for Major Donors

Despite public promises that it would not do so, a lobbying and advocacy organization with close ties to the Obama administration appears to have promised some major contributors special access to the President and federal officials in return for their financial support, Common Cause said today.

Money & Influence 12.5.2013

IRS Must End Misuse of Nonprofits to Hide Political Spending But Proposed Rules As Drafted Need Major Revisions, Common Cause Asserts

The social welfare organizations and other tax exempt groups that funneled hundreds of millions of dollars from anonymous donors into the 2012 presidential and congressional elections ran a charade (that) must not be repeated, Common Cause asserted today.

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