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Media & Democracy 12.5.2013

Common Cause Lauds FCC Moves to Bolster Independent, Local Media

The Federal Communications Commission has taken a welcome step to strengthen independent, locally-owned media, issuing new rules that begin closing loopholes broadcasters have used to cut costs and pad their profits by combining newsrooms and other operations, Common Cause said Monday.

Media & Democracy 12.5.2013

Proposed Comcast-Time Warner Cable Deal Is Affront to Public Interest

Regulators at the Federal Communications Commission should promptly and emphatically reject Comcast's proposed purchase of rival Time Warner Cable, Common Cause said today.

Voting & Elections 12.5.2013

Congress, President Must Staff Election Assistance Commission

Congress and President Obama should work quickly to fully staff the federal Election Assistance Commission (EAC), a 12-year-old bipartisan panel created to help states meet voluntary standards for administering elections, Common Cause said today.

Voting & Elections 12.5.2013

Commission Delivers Bipartisan Blueprint for Upgrading Elections

President Obama's Commission on Election Administration has given the White House, Congress and state leaders a much-needed blueprint for repairing and modernizing the broken machinery of our elections, Common Cause said today.

Money & Influence 12.5.2013

Shareholders and Activists Protest Duke Energy's Political Spending, Environmental Record

Political spending, including more than $1.1 million spent in support of North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory has become a focal point in the debate over how to pay for cleaning up the Dan River coal ash spill and better protect the public against future spills

Money & Influence 12.5.2013

Reformers Urge Democratic Governors to Withdraw Challenge to Connecticut's Campaign Finance Law

Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin, head of the DGA, the organizations asserted that a lawsuit filed by the DGA last week puts the governors in league with efforts “by the conservative majority on the Supreme Court to eviscerate campaign finance laws

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