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Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


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Media & Democracy 09.20.2018

Broadcasting & Cable: FCC Critics: Broadband Deployment is Neither Reasonable Nor Timely

"Rather than pat itself on the back again by using a flawed methodology to wrongly conclude broadband is being deployed timely, the FCC should conduct an open and honest assessment on who has access to broadband," said Michael Copps, special advisor to Common Cause and former FCC chairman.

Salon: Trump administration’s massive corruption may finally compel real reform — if Democrats win

“The Trump administration’s complete disregard for ethical norms shows we need big, bold solutions to try to close many of these loopholes that the administration employs and former officials are exploiting," Aaron Scherb, director of legislative affairs at Common Cause, told Salon.

Spectrum News (VIDEO): GOP forges ahead with hearing amid Kavanaugh sexual assault allegations

“Given how quickly Senator Collins and Senator Murkowski called on then-Senator Franken to resign after the story came out about his sexual harassment, sexual assault, I think they’ll be under that much more scrutiny,” said Aaron Scherb with Common Cause. “There are so many unanswered questions about Professor Ford and this sexual abuse from several decades ago. We believe that needs to come out,” Scherb said.

Money & Influence 09.17.2018

USA Today: Ted Cruz solicits campaign donations with 'summons enclosed' mailer

"These Cruz campaign mailers are slimy but seemingly legal," said Paul Ryan, a top lawyer with the watchdog group Common Cause. "The FEC has long held that an accurate 'paid for by' disclaimer on a candidate communication is a complete defense against any allegation of fraudulent misrepresentation."

Washington Post: Manafort’s guilty plea exposes hardball tactics he used to thrive in Washington swamp

“While Manafort’s violations are brazen, I’m afraid that with a little digging, the Justice Department would find a fair number of violations,” said Karen Hobert Flynn, president of the watchdog group Common Cause.

Daily Beast: The Right Is Dominating the Dark-Money Game. Kavanaugh Will Make It Worse.

Well, conservatives have had their sights set on these limits for a long time. According to Paul Seamus Ryan from Common Cause, two contributions-limits cases currently have certiorari petitions before the Supreme Court, one from Montana and the other from Texas. “Both jurisdictions’ limits were upheld by the circuit courts—and the plaintiffs/petitioners in both cases are asking the Supreme Court to hear their cases and declare the challenged contribution limits unconstitutional,” Ryan told me Wednesday.

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