Common Cause New York has the longstanding position that the Election Systems & Software’s (ES&S) ExpressVote XL is bad for New York’s elections. In January 2020, we released a report, The ExpressVote XL Voting Machine: Bad for New York’s Elections, highlighting the issues identified by election security experts. It’s been nearly four years since we released that report and in light of the XL’s certification in August, which we vehemently  opposed, we have reassessed the XL with new data and actual voter experience.

The ExpressVote XL is a new touch screen voting machine that would allow voters to mark their ballot electronically instead of on the traditional voter-marked paper ballots. It also functions as an all-in-one machine by marking ballots and then tabulating votes. Counties are now permitted – but are not required – to purchase these machines for use by their voters.

Editorial boards from around the state also decried the NYSBOE decision:

Election security experts almost universally pan these types of machines and have serious concerns regarding their security and reliability. As such, our assessment and conclusion remains the same, the ExpressVote XL has no place in New York’s elections.