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Voting & Elections 02.23.2021

Reforming New York’s Local & State Boards of Elections

Common Cause/NY released a white paper recommending a working group to reform the administration of elections in New York State. Various proposals have been bandied around, but the issue deserves serious study for lasting, meaningful reform.

Voting & Elections 03.24.2020

How New York's Elections Can Proceed During a Pandemic

New York's 2020 elections can proceed safely and securely in spite of the unprecedented challenges ahead.

Voting & Elections 01.13.2020

ExpressVote XL Voting Machines Are Bad for New York

The New York State Board of Elections is planning to certify a voting machine that is highly error-prone, expensive and would only serve to undermine faith in the accuracy of election results.

Ban & Cap: The Future of Outside Income in the New York State Legislature

Common Cause/NY has long supported a ban or severely curtailing outside income for the New York State Legislature.

Voting & Elections 08.10.2018

The Case for Ranked Choice Voting in New York City

Common Cause NY strongly urges the commission to recommend ranked choice voting for all New York City elections.

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