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2022 State Budget Testimony

Ethics 12.9.2021

Common Cause New York’s 2022 Legislative Priorities

Fact Sheet

Our state priorities reflect our values, a better democracy for all New Yorkers.

Voting & Elections 08.24.2021

Written Testimony for the NYC Racial Justice Commission

New York City’s uneven and low levels of civic and political engagement are the direct result of centuries of explicit and implicit exclusionary racist policies promulgated and executed by city and state government. It seems that every few years, New York City is reminded of our failures to meaningfully redress the generational damage. Nowhere is it more visible in our civic life than the low turnout in our state and local elections.

Voting & Elections 07.19.2021

Written Testimony for the Assembly Elections Committee Hearing

Ranked Choice Voting works, the Board of Elections does not.

Voting & Elections 02.23.2021

Failures in Oneida County Elections Demand Action


The systemic failures in Oneida County in 2020 that engulfed a close congressional race, which resulted in months long delays and a protracted court battle, demand immediate action and reform.

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