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Money & Influence 06.15.2015

Common Cause/NY Report Details Political Spending To Influence Education Policy in New York State

Education privatizer groups’ political spending eclipses education union spending for the first time in 2014, pays off in tax credit proposals.

Money & Influence 05.6.2015

Common Cause New York Examines Political Contributions from Glenwood Management Corp. and Affiliates

As a second of Albany's powerful "three men in a room" has been indicted on federal corruption charges, the need to combat and prevent corruption in Albany could not be clearer.

Money & Influence 04.16.2015

Deadlock Results in No Action: NYS Board of Elections Fails to Close LLC Loophole

We are disappointed by the State Board of Elections' deadlock, which leaves in place its ill-advised and outdated 1996 advisory opinion that treats limited liability companies (LLCs) like individuals, rather than corporations.

Money & Influence 04.9.2015

Common Cause New York Supports Brennan Center Request to Close LLC Loophole

Good Government Watchdog Urges Quick Action by New York State Board of Elections

Money & Influence 08.11.2014

Cash a key factor in upcoming state legislative races

Money, the saying goes, cannot buy happiness. But can it buy a seat in the New York State Legislature?

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