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U.S. Census Bureau Releases 2020 Census Demographic Data to Kick Off Michigan Redistricting 2021

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U.S. Census Bureau Releases 2020 Census Demographic Data to Kick Off Michigan Redistricting 2021

Today’s release of redistricting data allows Michigan to begin the process of drawing new voting district maps that will shape our elections for the next ten years. While this process has historically been conducted behind closed doors with little to no public input, 2021 will mark the first time Michigan’s district maps will be drawn by an independent citizen-led commission.

Voting & Elections 08.9.2021

More Than 100 Michiganders Compete in Olympic-themed Relay in Support of The For The People Act

"The reforms in the 'For the People Act' are overwhelmingly popular across the political spectrum," said Quentin Turner, Program Director of Common Cause Michigan. "The bill draws from policies that have long had bipartisan support at both federal and state levels, including Michigan’s Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission."

Voting & Elections 06.23.2021

Michigan House Committee to Pass Two Anti-Voter Bills

These bills do nothing but increase barriers for voters to be heard by their government, particularly for seniors, the homeless, students, and low-income voters. These voter suppression bills are a solution in search of a problem that does not exist and only create more confusion and distrust among voters. We urge the full House to swiftly reject this attack on our voting rights.

Voting & Elections 06.16.2021

Michigan Senate Passes Trio of Anti-Voter Bills

Every Michigander deserves to be heard by their government, regardless of their age, race, political party, or zip code. These anti-voter bills are just another blatant attempt to put up barriers between people and their right to vote. We urge the Michigan House to reject this partisan attack on Michigan voters’ constitutionally protected voting rights.

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