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Michigan Primary Election Results Show “Democracy Hangs in the Balance”

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Michigan Primary Election Results Show “Democracy Hangs in the Balance”

"Officials like Gibbs and Dixon represent a continued movement of partisan candidates who have aided the former president in uplifting the Big Lie — a destructive scheme to try and overturn our votes in the 2020 election. This scheme that Gibbs and Dixon support is what led to the Jan. 6 insurrection, a bloody and violent attempt to block the peaceful transfer of power."


Michigan Primary Election TOMORROW, Aug. 2

“Tomorrow marks the primary elections, and Michiganders across the state are ready to make their voices heard and participate in a process that is the foundation of how our government functions."

Voting & Elections 07.18.2022

Deadline to Register by Mail and Online, Recommended Mail-in Date for Absentee Ballots in Michigan Approaches

LANSING, MI — Common Cause Michigan reminds Michiganders that the last day to register to vote online/by mail before the August 2 primary is Monday, July 18. Additionally, Tuesday, July 19 is the recommended date for voters to mail in their absentee ballot so it can arrive on time.

Voting & Elections 06.9.2022

Common Cause Michigan Issues Statement After FBI Arrest of GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Ryan Kelley

This afternoon, the FBI arrested Michigan gubernatorial candidate Ryan Kelley in Allendale. Kelley has been charged with a misdemeanor in relation to the Jan. 6 attack at the U.S. Capitol. Kelley is alleged to have entered and engaged in disorderly conduct, as well as physical violence during the insurrection.

Voting & Elections 06.4.2022

Common Cause Michigan Issues Statement After State Supreme Court Rules Against GOP Gubernatorial Candidates’ Appeal to Remain on Primary Ballot


Common Cause Michigan Issues Statement on MI Board of State Canvassers Decision to Remove 8 Candidates from Aug. 2 Primary Ballot

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