DePerno, Rendon’s Charging in Ballot Tampering Case Renew Common Cause Calls for Accountability in Investigation

LANSING, MI — This afternoon, former GOP Michigan Attorney General candidate Matthew DePerno and former MI state Rep. Daire Rendon were criminally charged in an alleged tabulator tampering scheme.

DePerno, Rendon, and others are reported to have gained unauthorized access to a ballot machine. The group convinced local clerks to hand over tabulators. They then broke into them, printed ‘fake ballots’ and performed ‘tests’ on the equipment, all in an attempt to substantiate the false claims that Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election.

The charges could result in several more related to the pushing of the Big Lie.

Statement of Quentin Turner, Common Cause Michigan Program Director 

“Today is another day of Michigan values holding strong against lies about our elections. 

For years, Michiganders of all parties have continued to resoundingly reject lies and conspiracy theories about our election. Mr. DePerno, Ms. Rendon and their team’s alleged actions do not reflect the voices of millions who believe in fair, accessible elections and upholding the will of the people.

Common Cause’s mission is to hold power accountable, regardless of party or office. This breaking news confirms our belief that breaking the law has consequences and no one should be able to hide from their wrongdoing.

We are convinced that the upcoming case against DePerno and Rendon will result in accountability and show, once again, that Michigan is a state that believes in protecting the rights of its citizens.”