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Gov. Whitmer Signs Weakened Disclosure Bill into Law

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Gov. Whitmer Signs Weakened Disclosure Bill into Law

“We’re pleased to see Governor Whitmer sign this long overdue ethics reform into law—but ultimately, the law falls short of voters’ expectations. Despite overwhelming, bi-partisan support for greater transparency from our elected officials, lawmakers weakened the law to shield themselves from public scrutiny."

Money & Influence 10.30.2023

Michigan Legislature Must ‘Prioritize Transparency’ In Passing Financial Disclosure Laws

LANSING, MI — Following the Michigan Legislature’s introduction of HB 5248 - 5258 and SB 613 - 616 — two separate bill packages seeking to define which state officials and their immediate family should disclose their financials to the public and how — Common Cause Michigan is calling on the Legislature to pass legislation implementing comprehensive disclosure requirements.

Money & Influence 04.14.2023

Common Cause Michigan, Democracy Advocates to Hold Lobby Day Focused on Campaign Finance Reform

LANSING, MI — On Thursday, April 27 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Common Cause Michigan, as well as other democracy organizations, will convene at the state Capitol to lobby in favor of campaign finance reform.

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