Michigan Legislature Must ‘Prioritize Transparency’ In Passing Financial Disclosure Laws

Common Cause Michigan calls for financial disclosure requirements of state officials and candidates to include family members

LANSING, MI — Following the Michigan Legislature’s introduction of HB 5248 – 5258 and SB 613 – 616 — two separate bill packages seeking to define which state officials and their immediate family should disclose their financials to the public and how — Common Cause Michigan is calling on the Legislature to pass legislation implementing comprehensive disclosure requirements. 

“It is essential that any financial disclosure legislation passed in Michigan include comprehensive disclosure of immediate family members, especially spouses,” said Quentin Turner, executive director of Common Cause Michigan. “A lack of spousal disclosure obscures the truth and undermines Michigan voters’ desire for transparency in Lansing.”

HB 5248 – 5258 is the currently only bill package under consideration in the Michigan legislature that includes sufficient rules around spousal disclosure, including stipulating that spouses and dependents disclose their income and assets.  Common Cause Michigan supports HB 5248 – 5258 (Skaggs, Stone, Bryne) and urges the legislature to focus their attention there.

“By passing bills HB 5248 – 5258, we can finally shine a light on potential conflicts of interest and allow Michiganders to make sure their elected officials are beholden to the people.”

Common Cause Michigan is also advocating that the disclosure bills include additional state offices in the disclosure requirement. 

The Michigan fall legislative session will continue through October, with no concrete end date having been announced.

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