Voting Rights Advancement Act Needed in Wake of Attacks on Voting Rights

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  • David Vance
Statement by Common Cause President Karen Hobert Flynn

The fundamental right of every American to vote has been under attack since the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act in its Shelby County decision. It is more than symbolic that today’s reintroduction of the Voting Rights Advancement Act comes just days before the fourth anniversary of that decision; it is desperately needed to stem the rising tide of voter intimidation and suppression efforts enacted across the country. For our democracy to flourish – and many would say it is in grave danger these days – we need to take on reforms and initiatives the enhance participation.  Some legislators across the states, though, impose unfair – and in many instances, illegal – barriers to the ballot box.  The Voting Right Advancement Act is needed now more than ever to protect the voice of citizens in our democracy by safeguarding their fundamental right to vote.  We applaud Rep. Sewell and Sen. Leahy for reintroducing an important bill that could protect American democracy anew.  It never got a hearing at its first introduction, but if our Congress is serious about putting country over party, it will hold a hearing now.

The 2017 bill has not yet been posted but to view the Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2015, click here.