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Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


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Voting & Elections 10.26.2020

Common Cause Launches Voting Anti-Disinformation Week of Content to Provide Correct, Factual Information to Voters

Heading into the final stretch of voting season, Common Cause, in partnership with the Election Protection coalition and the Digital Defense League, is launching a Voting Anti-Disinformation Week of Content as part of its Stopping Cyber-Suppression program. Partner organizations across the voting rights, civil rights, and public interest sector will be pushing out content on social media focused on election integrity, what people can do to stop disinformation, and why we must count every vote in this election. Additionally, Common Cause is launching a six-figure paid media campaign focused on urging people to be prepared to wait for election results and the need to let local election officials count every vote.

Voting & Elections 10.14.2020

30,000+ Grassroots Election Volunteers Recruited by Common Cause for 2020, Millions of Voters Contacted

In the runup to Election Day, Common Cause, with help from our Election Protection coalition partners, has recruited tens of thousands of nonpartisan volunteers to assist and protect voters during the 2020 election. The ranks of volunteers continue to grow daily through ProtectTheVote.net and have already more than quadrupled the totals from 2016 and 2018. The nonpartisan volunteers are already monitoring early voting sites, assisting voters, tracking and removing social media disinformation online, and even helping voters with ballot curing so that their votes will be counted as they intended. 

Voting & Elections 10.1.2020

Common Cause Georgia Urges Secretary Raffensperger to Ensure Georgians Are Not Denied the Right to Vote on November 3

"In June, Georgia voters were denied their right to vote when polling places ran out of ballots. If Secretary Raffensperger has taken any action to prevent that from happening again -- for example, by increasing the number of paper ballots in each polling place -- we haven’t heard about it."

Voting & Elections 09.18.2020

Common Cause Targeted – Democracy Attacked

Today, not one, but two teams of investigative journalists released major stories with some big political news – and it isn’t Common Cause or our allies who they investigated. Add to that the District Attorney in Wake County, North Carolina, who has opened a preliminary review into the same subject and it is clear, no one affiliated with Common Cause or our allies have done anything wrong. 

Voting & Elections 09.16.2020

Turning Point USA Troll Farm Points to Need for Social Media Platforms to Strengthen Disinformation Protections

Turning Point USA’s Arizona troll farm takes a page from the Russian disinformation playbook from the 2016 presidential race and is likely only the tip of the iceberg. The effort is a direct attack on voters and our democracy, and is a reminder that disinformation that suppresses the vote doesn’t just come from Russia or other hostile foreign powers, or in the form of microtargeted ads. The majority of disinformation that we’ve identified through the Stopping Cyber Suppression program throughout this year’s primary elections has been “organic content” -- not ads, but posts exactly like the ones described in The Washington Post.

Voting & Elections 05.12.2020

Key Democracy Issues Must Be Prioritized in Next COVID-19 Supplemental Funding Bill Common Cause Tells Congress

Today, Common Cause called on Congress to prioritize funding for key elements of our democracy in the next COVID-19 emergency supplemental appropriations bill (“CARES 2.0”). The letter urges every Member of Congress to designate sufficient funding in the stimulus package to secure essential pillars of our democracy threatened by the pandemic and to ensure proper safeguards are put into place to oversee government disbursement of trillions of dollars in stimulus funds. The elements highlighted in the letter include critical efforts to safeguard our elections, the Census, the U.S. Postal Service, access to broadband internet service, as well as local journalism and to fully staff and prioritize the CARES Act Congressional Oversight Commission.

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