VIDEO: Everyday Americans Pay the Price for Trump Conflicts of Interest

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  • David Vance

Today, Common Cause and Public Citizen co-hosted a briefing on Capitol Hill in Washington – Trump’s Conflicts of Interest and the Americans Who Are Impacted By White House Ethics – with Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) serving as honorary co-host. The videotaped event focused on everyday Americans adversely impacted by the Trump Administration’s unprecedented conflicts of interest. President Trump’s conflicts of interest and excessive secrecy come at a cost and that cost is borne by the American People.

“President Trump’s conflicts of are interest are not some abstract theory to tens of millions of Americans impacted by them, but rather very real hardships borne by citizens who will struggle to pay huge jumps in their health insurance costs or by those serving their nation in combat,” said Karen Hobert Flynn, Common Cause president. “The bills for the huge tax cuts and sweetheart deals that will personally benefit the President and his family will be paid for by American taxpayers, while the very richest Americans, like Donald Trump, will see a windfall.” 

“The conflicts of interest that run throughout the Trump administration — from top to bottom — affect everybody,” said Craig Holman, Public Citizen Government Affairs Lobbyist. “When the Turkish government throws money at the Trump business empire, not only does the Trump family grow richer, but Americans may be backed into a foreign policy position that could endanger our national security. The Trump administration’s conflicts of interest are not in America’s interest.” 

U.S. Marine and Iraq war veteran Will Fischer discussed the uncertainties faced by the country’s military as it must defend the foreign policy decisions of a President that refuses to release details of his extensive international investments and of the his debts held by foreign nationals and governments. Trump’s refusal to divest of his global business empire creates visible targets that put Americans in harm’s way unnecessarily. 

At today’s event, small business owner and cancer survivor Ali Shapiro discussed the devastating impact on cancer survivors and other Americans with preexisting conditions from the huge cuts in the Trump healthcare proposal that will be used to grant tax cuts to the wealthiest, including President Trump and his family.

A separate panel featured former George W. Bush Chief White House ethics lawyer Richard Painter, Public Citizen lobbyist Craig Holman, as well as Allegra Chapman & Karen Hobert Flynn of Common Cause discussing the far-reaching and unprecedented conflicts of interest deeply entrenched in the Trump White House.

To watch the video of the event, click here.