2019 Legislative Agenda

This resource highlights our 2019 legislative priorities.

Election Reform

  • Enact Election Day voter registration. — Rep. Benson, Rep. Malia, Sen. Creem (S. 363, H. 685, S. 396)
  • Support Ranked Choice Voting at the state, federal, and local level. —Rep. Benson, Rep. Vargas (H. 635, H. 719) Sen Lewis, Sen Rausch (S. 414, S. 420)
  • Expand post-election audits of election equipment. — Rep. Moran, Rep. Mark, Rep Vargas (H. 694, H. 687, H. 721)
  • Allow for no excuse absentee voting. — Rep. Moran (H. 78)
  • Expand early voting to primaries and enhance privacy. Sen Creem (S. 397)
  • Modernize the redistricting process using census block data and remove Boston’s exemption from reprecincting. — Rep. Moran, Rep. Michlewitz (H. 693, H. 2318)

Campaign Finance Reform

  • Stop foreign-influenced corporations from contributing to SuperPACs or making independent expenditures. — Sen. Montigney (S. 418) Rep. Cutler (H. 640)
  • Make corporations accountable for their political spending through required recorded votes and disclosure. —Sen. Eldridge (S. 401)
  • Establish a robust system of public financing of state elections. —Sen. Eldridge (S. 400)
  • Support a federal constitutional amendment to allow the states and Congress to place reasonable limits on independent expenditures and to clarify that corporations do not have the same rights as real people.

Open and Ethical Government

  • Update Open Meetings Law enforcement. — Rep. Cabral (H. 2677)
  • Put conflict of interest Financial Disclosure forms on the web.
  • Strengthen and clarify the Ethics and Public Records Laws
  • Increase information about state and local governments available on the Internet.
  • Make legislative rules more open to citizen participation.