Massachusetts House to Vote on VOTES Act TODAY

Coalition urges House members to restore Same Day Registration

When the Massachusetts House begins debate at 1pm today, it will consider H.4359, the VOTES Act. Livestream of today’s House session will be available here.

When the bill was first filed, it included Same Day voter registration; and 84 Representatives, the majority of House members, signed on as cosponsors. The Same Day Registration provisions were stripped from the bill during House Ways and Means Committee review.

Statement of the Massachusetts Election Modernization Coalition

The Election Modernization Coalition is excited that it’s game day for Same Day Registration as the VOTES Act comes to the floor of the House of Representatives. 

Same Day Registration is a key part of the VOTES Act that was stripped out by the House Ways and Means Committee, and several amendments have been filed to restore it

When the VOTES Act comes before the House today, each member will have a choice: to adopt or reject an amendment which provides an essential tool for the Commonwealth’s voters—being able to register to vote on Election Day

Twenty states and the District of Columbia have Same Day Registration, and legislators who vote against it will fumble a crucial opportunity. 

All of us cheering for equity, for access, for modernization and for efficiency in voting will be watching closely to see whether democracy wins or loses today. 


Read yesterday’s Coalition statement on Same Day Registration here.