Generations of Americans fought and died for our right to vote, the freedom to choose our leaders, and the right to speak up for our beliefs.

Restricting a person’s vote is taking away their freedom. We must ensure that every eligible citizen has the freedom to cast a ballot and that their vote will be accurately counted.

That’s why Common Cause Massachusetts has developed an Election Protection program for midterm and presidential elections. Often during these elections, voters are disenfranchised due to things like confusion over election rules, long lines, under-resourced polling places, and acts of intimidation or deception. With our Election Protection program, we help eliminate these obstacles and make elections more efficient by:

  • Ensuring voters have access to the ballot box and have their vote counted
  • Providing voters with necessary voting information and answering their questions
  • Quickly identifying and correcting any problems at polling places
  • Gathering information to illustrate potential barriers to voting

But we can’t do it without you. In the months preceding an election, we conduct both virtual and in-person poll monitor training sessions. Then, on Election Day, groups of trained monitors are sent to polling places to help voters know their rights and to let them know about the Election Protection hotline.

Our trained, nonpartisan poll monitors are stationed on the ground at polling places where hotly-contested races exacerbate the chance of long lines and other complications. Poll monitors provide information, troubleshoot problems, and report bad practices to our teams to resolve them with election officials.

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