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Voting & Elections 07.2.2020

RELEASE: Voting Rights Advocates and 80+ Organizations Urge Governor Baker to Sign Elections Bill Immediately

Voting & Elections 06.1.2020

For Immediate Release: Election Laws Committee Legislation Helps Protect Voters, Says Voting Rights Group; Urges Four Changes

Voting & Elections 05.19.2020

ADVISORY: Press Conference 11am TOMORROW/Wednesday, May 20 on Urgency of Passing HD 5075 to Allow Vote by Mail in Fall Elections

Voting & Elections 05.14.2020

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Voting Rights Groups Call for Urgent Action on HD 5075, a Bill Supported by Over 100 Organizations to Safeguard Fall Elections

“We support this bill because it is based on evidence and best practices from other states,” says Pam Wilmot of Common Cause Massachusetts. “It is comprehensive, and includes reforms that consider the needs of voters, but also of local elections officials who no matter what happens will be faced with a surge of absentee ballots and very different elections than in years past. One clear lesson learned from other states is that the necessary reforms will take all the time we have to implement, which is why we urge the Joint Committee on Election Laws to act quickly to move this critical bill.”

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