Common Cause MA 2015 Legislative Agenda

Common Cause MA 2015 Legislative Agenda

An overview of Common Cause Massachusett's 2015 Legislative Agenda to promote open, honest, and accountable government, and free and fair elections, across our commonwealth and beyond.

2015 Legislative Agenda

Please find an overview announcing our 2015 legislative agenda below! You can help Common Cause pass this Good Government Legislation by contacting your representatives and senators about co-sponsoring our bills. If you see your legislator’s name next to a bill already, it’s because they’re original sponsors introducing the Common Cause agenda on Beacon Hill. Feel free to call them too and say thanks!

Campaign Finance Reform

  • Increase state campaign finance reporting to close remaining loopholes created by the Citizens United decision, including expanding the top 5 contributors requirement to direct mail and removing exemption for certain organizations. Rep. Bradley, Rep. Cutler (HD 2111, HD 2392)
  • Reduce coordination between candidates and SuperPACs. Rep. Straus (late-file)
  • Make corporations accountable for their political spending through required recorded votes and disclosure. Rep. Atkins, Sen. Eldridge (HD 2086, SD 1404)
  • Establish a robust system of public financing of state elections. Sen. Eldridge (SD 1257)
  • Support a federal constitutional amendment to allow the states and Congress to place reasonable limits on independent expenditures and to clarify that corporations do not have the same rights as real people.

Open and Ethical Government

  • Update and put teeth into the Public Records Law and ensure that agencies cannot overcharge for requests. Rep. Kocot, Sen. Lewis, Sen. Eldridge (HD 1190, SD 1235, SD 1088)
  • Update Open Meetings Law enforcement. Rep. Cabral (HD 2179)
  • Put conflict of interest Financial Disclosure forms on the web. Rep. Dykema (HD 2106)
  • Reform hiring practices and put more curbs on patronage.
  • Increase information about state and local governments available on the Internet.

Election Reform

  • Keep voting lists accurate and reach out to new voters through participation in the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) Rep. Moran (HD 3450)
  • Modernize the redistricting process using census block data and remove Boston’s exemption from reprecincting. Rep. Moran, Rep. Michlewitz (HD 3458, HD 674)
  • Enact legislation to permit Election Day voter registration. Rep. Fox, Sen. Creem (HD 3137, SD 1813)
  • Update and modernize voter registration process with permanent voter registration. — Rep. Garballey, Sen. Chang-Diaz (HD 646, SD 391)
  • Support instant runoff voting at both the state and local level and for overseas presidential primary ballots. Rep. Story, Rep. Kaufman (HD 2389, HD 3179, HD 698, HD 700)
  • Ensure that the comprehensive Election Modernization Law passed in 2014, including online voter registration, early voting, pre-registration of 16 year-olds, and audits of election equipment, is fully and adequately implemented.