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Money & Influence 08.7.2023

Foreign-influenced political spending is a threat to our democracy

What Massachusetts lawmakers can do to protect our elections from foreign influences.

Money & Influence 06.23.2016

NEW REPORT: Shining a Light, Success of the Massachusetts Disclosure Law

Check out the new Common Cause Massachusetts Report - Shining a Light: Success of the Massachusetts Disclosure Law

Money & Influence 05.20.2016

From the Globe: Bill Pushed by Common Cause Would Rein in state GOP Fundraisng

Check out the Boston Globe's coverage of our work to preserve the integrity of Massachusetts campaign finance law and close the fundraising loophole being used by Governor Baker and the state GOP.

Money & Influence 05.4.2016

Statement on Governor Baker PAC Fundraising

Statement of Pam Wilmot, Executive Director of Common Cause Massachusetts, in response to the May 1st, 2016 Boston Globe article “Top donors could gain more access to Baker, officials.”

Money & Influence 03.24.2016

Boston Globe headline draws wrong lesson from 2016

A recent Boston Globe headline misses the full extent of the big money problem in our elections.

Voting & Elections 01.11.2016

The Massachusetts legislature is back for 2016.

The Massachusetts state legislature has returned for 2016, and these are three issues Common Cause is working to get action on.

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