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Voting & Elections 02.10.2021

New Legislation Will Increase Voter Participation

Sen. Cindy Creem and Rep. John Lawn have filed legislation that the Election Modernization Coalition heralded as the most comprehensive next step for Massachusetts elections.

Statewide Advocacy Coalition Requests Senate President and House Speaker to Ensure Representative Redistricting Committee

The Massachusetts Drawing Democracy Coalition is urging Senate President Spilka and House Speaker Mariano to appoint Joint Committee on Redistricting members who reflect the racial and geographic diversity of Massachusetts. 

Voting & Elections 12.14.2020

League of Women Voters of Massachusetts honors Pam Wilmot with the ‘Lucy Stone Lifetime Achievement Award’

"Working for Common Cause and our mission of promoting open, accountable government and free and fair elections allows me to affect every other issue I care about, because we won’t have good solutions to the problems that plague our state or nation until all government decisions are made on the merits and in the public interest.”


Geoff Foster Joins Common Cause Massachusetts as Executive Director

Common Cause Massachusetts has chosen Geoff Foster as its new Executive Director. Foster, a resident of Lowell, brings more than a decade of policy and advocacy experience with UTEC, Inc., where he established statewide programs for youth civic engagement and voter activation.

Voting & Elections 11.12.2020

Massachusetts Elections Were a Success — Advocates Applaud Election Officials

In the midst of a global pandemic, voters in Massachusetts set a record for the highest turnout election cycle in history,  and they were able to do so in a safe, secure, and accessible election. The Election Modernization Coalition thanks and applauds legislators and election officials across the Commonwealth for working tirelessly to ensure that Bay Staters could make their voice heard. 

Voting & Elections 10.23.2020

Advocates Applaud Steps Taken to Ensure Ballot Access for Eligible Incarcerated Voters; Say Steps Taken This Week Alone Highlight Need for Reform

Massachusetts needs a statewide system to ensure that all eligible incarcerated voters are able to cast a ballot and have that ballot counted.

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